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ECU | World Ready


Siamese’s focus for this campaign was visualising the metaphor of ECU being a bridge to the world. World Ready carried that metaphor throughout via a dynamic, continuously flying camera that takes viewers around the world.

During pre-production, Siamese managed six VFX drone shoots, filming plates in San Francisco, London, Shanghai, Budapest, Sydney and Perth. A crew of 25 then filmed the rest of the campaign over an unseasonally rainy March at ECU’s Joondalup campus and Optus Stadium.

In combination with live-action filming, Siamese used sophisticated visual effects to create their perfect camera movement across the globe, exploring scale and speed that can only come from CGI animation. Creating a refined pre-vis’ for each of the spots was a must, as every shot in the campaign involved VFX to be carefully planned to ensure every shot connected perfectly.

From the pre-vis’, five in-house artists worked across 10 weeks to complete 20 VFX shots across the campaign.


Production Company: Siamese
Director: Merlin Eden
Producer: Francesca Hope
Production Managers: Claire Baronas, Dana Harrold
Head of Production: Wil Manning
DOP: Patrick O’Sullivan
Lead VFX Artist: Andrew Buckley
VFX Artists: Chris Henryon, Kristen King, Hayley Leonard, Ryan Elliott

Agency: 303 MullenLowe
ECD: Richard Berney
Creative Director: Chris Swift
Art Director: Bianca Galan-Dwyer
Head of Design: Vinay Chhana
Senior Designer: Alby Furfaro
Senior Designer: Andrew Allingham
Designer: Jake Ransom
Client Services Director: Todd Baker
Business Director: Charnre Heiberg
Business Executive: Ashleigh Glenister, Paula Helander
Planning Director: John Linton
Group Producer: Rozanne Fretz
Finished Art: Phil Chapman, Suzanne Whoston
Digital Technical Director: Alex Graham

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