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Colab | Bright Tomorrows Start Today


TVC and breakdown reel showcasing the work carried out for CoLab's Bright Tomorrows Start Today campaign.

There’s a lot more going on inside a baby’s brain than we can see. From the moment babies are born, more than one million connections are formed within the brain every second. This is the fastest a person’s brain will ever develop.

This cute little critter is a baby’s brain. This creature shows us how a baby’s brain reacts to different activities in the first years of life.

A baby’s brain is strengthened through continued memorable moments such as talking, singing, reading and playing. Babies learn through interacting with their parents and the adults in their life. They need people around them, loving them, talking to them and playing with them. This is how they learn and develop.

Meaningful moments, early and often, build Baby’s Brain.


Post Production Facility
2D & 3D Character Design
Offline Edit
Visual Effects
Colour Grade

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